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MVIB Properties and Property Management is owned and operated by Robert J. Kostyo, a licensed Real Estate Broker In San Diego, California.  Robert is hands on when it comes to management and real estate sales. Robert Kostyo also owns and operates a full service insurance brokerage in San Diego, California.  Kostyo Insurance Agency.

MVIB Properties and Property Management is a full service company.  Our clients include individuals, private investors and commerical entities within San Diego County. We believe in working closely with out clients to identify their needs and goals. Our effort is to bring value to your investments as well as confidence and security.

We are proud of our reputation for outstanding service not only to our clients, but also to our residents. We believe that the tenants as well as the owners should expect more from their property management company.

When you hire us, our team of property managment professionals can streamline the managment and sales of your property. We're a

all-in-one company.  We can manage your property and when and if you decide to sell, we can also represent the selling of your property.

You also don't have to hire separate companies to perform specific tasks to maintain your property.   We'll handle it all for you.

Your real estate investment can be an importaint source of income and neglecting to maintain your property can be a detrimental to your bottom line. We are dedicated professionals to handle details

for you. We can coordinate maintenance to emergency repairs and

we'll help keep your property-related finances in check and up to date.


Call Robert Today: (619) 517-2488 direct

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