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Why Choose MVIB For Your Property Management?

We offer affordable flat rates, no up front fees and great friendly customer service.  We are market experts in leasing and managing single-family homes just like yours.  MVIB Property Management combines 20+ years of hands on mangement experience.  We lease and manage

single family homes, condos, multi-family and commercial properties.  We specialize in finding long term quality tenants quickly.​

Do you worry that you don't have the time or expertise to find the most qualified tenant?



Do you have slow paying tenants each month?



Do you have one or more income properties?



Need help with property challenges?



Job transfer or deployment challenges?


Need to get your property in shape first?




             Call Robert: (619) 517-2488







   MVIB Property Management in

            San Diego County 

San Diego has one of the highest ratios of rental housing to owner-occupied propertry in the country.  Many owners of single-family homes and condominiums choose to retain their property when they move to a new home.  Others choose to invest in single family properties and apartment units.  Because of the challenges by tenants, the level of tenant services demanded, many owners benefit from the services of MVIB Property Management.


Some of the benefits include elimation of phone calls from tenants,

maintaing market rents, having maintenance issures handled quickly, effeciently and in a cost effect manner.  


MVIB Property Managment creates a comprehensive solution for your managment needs by assessing your need, establishing your client type and having a primary point of contact for your tenants.


          Property Insurance

          Owner and Tenant


Need insurance for your property?  Require your tenants to have renters insurance?   We offer access to our full service insurance agency for all of your insurance needs.

Kostyo Insurance Agency     Toll Free: 888-567-6985 

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