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Need to Sell Your Property?

You should choose MVIB Properties.  California Real Estate is special and needs an experienced hand. Our experience in helping sellers will usually result in a better outcome for our clients.  Some examples of this are better selling prices, lower time on market and over all greater satisfaction of you, the seller.

Pricing Your Property Right!


When selling your property, it is very important to price it correctly.

To help our clients with their property value, we will provide a comparative market analysis, which compares currently sold properties and the properties currently on the market.  We will evaluate your property and compare the other homes to deterime a

price that will sell your property within a acceptable time frame.


Listing Agreements

Our company requires homeowners to sign a exclusive listing agreement prior to selling any California Real Esatate. No other listing agreement will be considered.  This document is the understanding between our company and you.  The lising exclusive listing agreement helps to ensure that all parties are in agreement as to what will be done to achieve the sellers desired sales price.

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